#qt factoids

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testcase Having a good testcase is critical for us to be able to help you. Pastebin ( http://codepad.org ) a Short, Self Contained, Correct (Compilable), Example. Read http://sscce.org if you don't know how. jpnurmi Mon Nov 28 12:31:58 2016
books List of books about Qt in the wiki: http://wiki.qt.io/Books suy Thu Dec 3 10:10:34 2015
factoids A bot plugin used by qtassistant (me!) to store and retrieve facts about stuff. To learn how to use it, see: http://ubottu.com/su[...]ugins/Factoids.html. Available factoids: http://www.tinyurl.com/qt-factoids/ jpnurmi Fri Jun 20 21:47:53 2014
QT QT is Apple's QuickTime. The Qt toolkit by Digia is spelled with a lowercase t jpnurmi Fri Jun 20 21:39:40 2014
xy problem You are trying to solve problem X, and you think solution Y would work, but instead of asking about X when you run into trouble, you ask about Y. peppe Wed Mar 5 20:27:57 2014
tutorial http://qt-project.org/videos peppe Fri Feb 8 02:18:35 2013
http://qt-project.or[...]t-4.8/tutorials.html peppe Fri Feb 8 02:17:52 2013
http://qt-project.or[...]lesandtutorials.html peppe Fri Feb 8 02:17:35 2013
docs http://doc-snapshot.[...]ble/qtdoc/index.html chriadam Fri Feb 8 01:56:46 2013
bugs How to file a Qt Bug report: http://qt-project.org/wiki/ReportingBugsInQt endcarnage Wed Jan 9 11:27:56 2013
Report bugs here: https://bugreports.qt-project.org endcarnage Wed Jan 9 11:27:34 2013
QTestLib http://qt-project.or[...]qttestlib-index.html endcarnage Mon Jan 7 18:54:10 2013
delegates http://qt-project.or[...]w.html#3-4-delegates endcarnage Mon Jan 7 18:52:24 2013
assistant Use Qt's doc assistant. It helps you finding what you need in the docs very fast. http://qt-project.or[...]assistant-index.html endcarnage Mon Jan 7 18:49:14 2013
doc The latest Qt documentation is available at http://doc.qt.digia.com/latest/ endcarnage Mon Jan 7 18:46:31 2013
using a component http://qt-project.or[...]using-a-ui-file.html endcarnage Mon Jan 7 18:44:55 2013
internationalization http://qt-project.or[...]nationalization.html endcarnage Mon Jan 7 18:39:03 2013
qq http://doc.qt.digia.com/qq endcarnage Mon Jan 7 18:37:57 2013
examples http://qt-project.or[...]oc/all-examples.html endcarnage Mon Jan 7 18:35:18 2013
resources The Qt resource system is a platform-independent mechanism for storing binary files in the application's executable. See http://qt-project.or[...]tcore/resources.html endcarnage Mon Jan 7 18:27:51 2013
qmake http://qt-project.or[...]oc/qmake-manual.html endcarnage Mon Jan 7 18:14:40 2013
http://blog.qt.digia[...]/the-power-of-qmake/ endcarnage Mon Jan 7 12:22:00 2013
http://wiki.qtcentre[...]e=Undocumented_qmake kibab Wed Nov 14 23:13:34 2007
debugging Tips for debugging Qt apps at: http://qt-project.or[...]5.0/qtdoc/debug.html endcarnage Mon Jan 7 18:13:08 2013
http://doc.qt.digia.[...]eator-debugging.html endcarnage Mon Jan 7 12:15:05 2013
movetothread http://blog.qt.digia[...]oure-doing-it-wrong/ endcarnage Tue Dec 18 17:30:54 2012
doesn't work http://www.macieira.[...]nt-work-doesnt-work/ jpnurmi Thu Aug 23 15:27:47 2012
'Doesn't work' often has not much value as an error description. Consider following the standard procedure: 1) What did you do? 2) What did you expect to see? 3) What did you get instead? jpnurmi Tue Feb 24 20:11:31 2009
stats http://tinyurl.com/qt-stats jpnurmi Mon Aug 20 01:46:12 2012
sqldrivers http://doc.qt.nokia.[...]test/sql-driver.html wongk Tue Sep 27 15:22:19 2011
qsound don't use QSound. It's old, bugged, doesn't support resources, requires NAS under Unix (srsly?!), plays only .wav files under Windows. consider using: phonon (#phonon, see also !phonon), QtMultimedia (from Qt Mobility, #qt-mobility), or any other 3rd party sound library (SDL, OpenAL, ...) peppe Wed May 25 19:57:12 2011
syncqt if you get include problems while building Qt from Git (especially after updating your checkout), re-run syncqt: it's located in your build dir's bin directory. You may have to set QTDIR to your build dir. Or re-run configure or the config.status helper script. thiago Sat May 14 00:21:56 2011
ops ping aep ahigerd jpnurmi zbenjamin thiago peppe peppe Mon May 2 17:56:52 2011
QThread Using threads, events, and QObjects: http://developer.qt.[...]eads_Events_QObjects wongk Tue Apr 12 16:28:00 2011
Using QThead w/o subclassing: http://codethis.word[...]without-subclassing/ wongk Tue Apr 12 16:08:31 2011
A QThread is not a thread. It is an object used to manage a thread. The affinity of a QThread object is the thread in which it was instantiated. wongk Mon Mar 29 19:01:36 2010
peppe's thread book http://developer.qt.[...]eads_Events_QObjects aep Tue Mar 1 19:25:00 2011
basics You should know the basics of the programming language you are using. Especially C++ requires some knowledge You could read C++ without Fear or http://www.mindview.[...]ThinkingInCPP2e.html if you prefer a free ebook. Also see ##c++-basic . aep Sun Dec 26 16:06:41 2010
vsdeps http://lists.trollte[...]7/thread00238-0.html jpnurmi Sun Dec 12 16:47:50 2010
trace a backtrace helps discovering crashes. in case you use gcc, you can just run run gdb myprogram , then run , wait for the crash , type bt and pastebin the result. peppe Sat Dec 4 20:47:17 2010
ftp ftp://ftp.qt.nokia.com/qt/source/ ahigerd Tue Jul 27 07:32:09 2010
collect2 that's not the actual error. look further up. aep Mon Jul 12 17:44:15 2010
ask Do not ask to ask, just ask. Do not ask if anyone is familiar with XYZ, just ask your detailed question directly. Read http://www.catb.org/[...]smart-questions.html about how to ask useful questions. aep Tue Jul 6 15:53:41 2010
json http://qjson.sourceforge.net/ (allows QObject serialisation) or http://doc.libqxt.org/tip/qxtjson.html (smaller, only QVariant) aep Mon Jul 5 15:21:30 2010
thiago http://i43.tinypic.com/30j0gvp.png aep Sat Jun 26 18:33:30 2010
changes http://qt.nokia.com/developer/changes jpnurmi Tue Jun 8 12:31:37 2010
libqxt git git://gitorious.org/libqxt/libqxt.git aep Wed Apr 28 02:40:14 2010
google Use google to search for errors or problems, not to search for documentation. wongk Fri Apr 23 15:46:44 2010
next Another satisfied customer. next! aep Thu Apr 22 23:37:21 2010
phonon Phonon is defective by design. If you insist on using it, get it from the Kde sources ( http://phonon.kde.org/ ). Get help in #phonon or #kde-devel aep Sat Apr 17 17:52:42 2010
lgpl http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl.html wongk Fri Apr 16 16:37:14 2010
easy easy is ambiguous. Did you mean foolproof, ready, or simple? http://blog.exys.org[...]tml#bb_13_comparison aep Tue Apr 13 16:03:28 2010
download http://get.qt.nokia.com/qt/source/ aep Thu Mar 18 20:04:04 2010
qml http://doc.qt.nokia.[...]t/declarativeui.html aep Wed Mar 17 00:37:50 2010
gsoc http://groups.google[...]oc/web/project-ideas or join #qt-gsoc aep Wed Mar 10 18:59:38 2010
ipc http://doc.qt.nokia.com/latest/ipc.html , http://doc.libqxt.org/tip/tech-ipc.html aep Thu Mar 4 23:37:55 2010
crash attach a debugger (for example gdb on gnu platforms) and find out what exactly crashed. Don't forget to compile with CONFIG+=debug aep Thu Mar 4 10:27:59 2010
labs http://qt.gitorious.org/qt-labs aep Thu Mar 4 09:56:23 2010
pastebin Please use http://pastebin.com for pasting code jpnurmi Thu Feb 18 16:47:07 2010
task-tracker http://bugreports.qt[...]ecure/Dashboard.jspa aep Sun Jan 10 04:10:18 2010
cando Yes, Qt can do that! aep Sun Jan 3 20:34:05 2010
tasktracker http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com aep Mon Nov 9 19:44:09 2009
jira http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/ jpnurmi Tue Oct 27 12:47:07 2009
smart questions http://catb.org/~esr[...]smart-questions.html aep Sun Oct 25 16:38:06 2009
todo ahigerd Rewrite QxtError jpnurmi Sat Oct 10 02:16:59 2009
qgetenv("QXT_DEBUG_WEB") ahigerd Thu Mar 5 18:52:53 2009
qxtFind ahigerd Tue Feb 17 23:49:44 2009
make QxtPimpl API-compatible with Qt's PIMPL ahigerd Wed Feb 11 00:28:44 2009
QxtZeroConf ahigerd|qxtirc Tue Jan 27 03:05:56 2009
QxtSearchField ahigerd Thu Jan 15 20:23:20 2009
Ask Pete from Dolphin for permission to use naturalCompare under BSD or CPL ahigerd|out Fri Jan 2 21:07:12 2009
process list inspection ahigerd Thu Nov 20 18:00:17 2008
http://benjamin-meye[...]-stub-generator.html http://benjamin-meye[...]ols-part-3-code.html ahigerd Wed Aug 20 00:57:21 2008
QxtStringTreeModel ahigerd Fri Aug 8 19:30:36 2008
QxtSqlPackage refactor ahigerd Tue Apr 17 22:49:01 2007
Upgrade QxtCsvModel ahigerd Mon Apr 16 20:08:52 2007
source Qt source code links: Windows: http://get.qt.nokia.[...]source-src-4.5.3.zip Linux: http://get.qt.nokia.[...]rce-src-4.5.3.tar.gz Mac: http://get.qt.nokia.[...]rce-src-4.5.3.tar.gz JakeSays Wed Oct 7 14:45:50 2009
anyone don't ask for someone in specific, just ask your question thiago_home Fri Sep 18 19:49:53 2009
netsplit someone pressed the big red button again http://www.flickr.co[...]9882@N05/2984032016/ peppe Mon Sep 7 23:00:27 2009
smart pointers http://labs.trolltec[...]lasses-does-qt-have/ peppe Thu Sep 3 12:54:41 2009
smartpointers http://labs.trolltec[...]lasses-does-qt-have/ peppe Thu Sep 3 12:54:38 2009
icons Qt doesn't provide stock icons. See http://wiki.qtcentre[...]e=Embedded_resources and http://labs.trolltec[...]desktop-icons-in-qt. You might also consider using an icon theme such as Oxygen (http://www.oxygen-icons.org) or Tango (http://tango.freedesktop.org). jpnurmi Fri Aug 28 13:05:50 2009
context when pasting a link, please include some context as to what the paste is about, so others can see if they can help you thiago_home Tue Aug 18 00:03:52 2009
jom Make tool which is aimed to be compatible with nmake-Makefiles. Jom has the advantage to make use of processor with more than one core, speeding up the compile process. http://labs.trolltec[...]-visual-c-qt-builds/ martin-` Sat Aug 8 21:14:05 2009
utf8 You should be using utf8 everywhere, right now. Even here, on IRC. Configure your IRC client to send and receive utf8. See also http://www.joelonsof[...]rticles/Unicode.html http://www.columbia.edu/kermit/utf8.html peppe Wed Aug 5 23:33:23 2009
embedded Qt Embedded, formerly known as Qtopia Core, provides the standard Qt API and its own light-weight windowing system for embedded Linux devices. Qt Extended, formerly known as Qtopia, is a user interface and application platform for consumer electronics running embedded Linux. Qt Extended builds upon Qt for Embedded Linux. Qt Extended has been discontinued: http://www.qtsoftwar[...]ontinues-qt-extended jpnurmi Wed Aug 5 21:25:33 2009
qt3 Qt Version 3 is at the End Of Life. please, when you join this channel asking questions, mention if you use it. we can't smell you are using deprecated software martin-- Sun Aug 2 18:31:01 2009
git http://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qt jpnurmi Sat Aug 1 01:42:24 2009
WWTD http://i29.tinypic.com/2exmph1.jpg jpnurmi Fri Jul 31 00:27:58 2009
offtopic kde -> #kde / #kde-devel , qt-creator -> #qt-creator , C++ -> ##c++ , social interaction (and generic non-topic channel) -> #qt-chat aep Wed Jul 29 02:56:52 2009
renault I tried to buy a Renault in a Renault shop, but there were no salesmen available, so I came into this Ford shop. Why won't you sell me a Renault?! aep Tue Jul 28 01:38:39 2009
roadmap http://www.qtsoftwar[...]developer/qt-roadmap aep Fri Jul 10 15:56:13 2009
boobs http://commons.wikim[...]:Pair_of_boobies.JPG jpnurmi Thu Jun 11 22:25:32 2009
qt creator http://www.qtsoftwar[...]ucts/developer-tools jpnurmi Tue Jun 9 21:01:10 2009
gitorious http://qt.gitorious.org/ jpnurmi Mon May 11 20:00:56 2009
contribute http://qt.gitorious.[...]ntributionGuidelines jpnurmi Mon May 11 15:22:35 2009
qxt hg hg clone http://dev.libqxt.org/libqxt/ ahigerd Thu Apr 23 21:43:10 2009
layout on form If you think you put stuff in a layout but it won't resize anyway, then your layout is at the wrong place. Make sure you have no widget selected when clicking layout in a grid . It MUST NOT have a red border. aep Thu Apr 23 17:04:18 2009
qxt test 1) compile and install Qxt (both debug and release on Windows) 2) make sub-examples 3) make sub-tests 4) make runtests 5) preferably run something from examples and tests/other/app :) jpnurmi Wed Apr 22 13:29:56 2009
qxt qt Qxt supports Qt versions 4.3 and later. jpnurmi Sun Apr 19 14:03:29 2009
NoPastebinDotCom simply because you want help, and i dont like pastebin.com baphomet Tue Apr 14 09:27:10 2009
http://jcatki.no-ip.[...]cpp/NoPasteBinDotCom jpnurmi Fri Feb 6 23:45:51 2009
ide Qt does not require any IDE, all you need is a shell, a compiler, and an editor. Here's a list of IDEs anyway: Qt-Creator, MonkeyStudio, QDevelop, KDevelop, Code::Blocks, MSVC , Dev-C++ and Eclipse (with Qt plugin) kibab Fri Apr 10 22:11:29 2009
c++ books http://jcatki.no-ip.[...]ncpp/Resources#books http://rudbek.com/books.html baphomet Tue Apr 7 17:53:26 2009
qxt Qxt, an extension library for Qt 4, is a collection of useful classes and tools not conveniently available in the Qt library by Nokia. http://www.libqxt.org and #qxt ahigerd Wed Mar 25 23:06:13 2009
pyqt PyQt related questions are on topic, but will likely take longer until somone answers them aep Wed Mar 18 08:15:24 2009
PyQt is a set of Python bindings for Qt available at http://www.riverbank[...]software/pyqt/intro, for resources and tutorials see http://www.diotavell[...]tWiki/DocsAndHowtos, blight_ Mon Sep 8 20:50:12 2008
phonon windows http://wiki.qtcentre[...]_Windows_using_MinGW blight_ Sun Mar 8 18:50:44 2009
torrents http://dist.trolltech.com/torrents/ chakie_work Tue Mar 3 16:46:56 2009
qxt headers Make sure all public classes have convenience headers (grep -R -x '^class [^;] *' * | grep -v 'Private' | grep -v 'designer' | grep -v '.cpp') jpnurmi Fri Feb 27 12:51:12 2009
downstream before reporting bugs in Qt, it is strongly recommended to test them against an not downstream patched version. Especially when on debian. Please download a clean version from ftp.trolltech.com aep Wed Feb 25 02:02:34 2009
valgrind Valgrind is a tool for detecting memory leaks and management bugs as well as profiling. See http://valgrind.org/ chakie_work Tue Feb 24 16:55:56 2009
vtable 1.) Make sure the Q_OBJECT macro is present in the definition of all QObject-derived classes. 2.) Make sure you declare your QObject-derived classes in your header files ONLY. 3.) Make sure all of your header files are listed in your .pro file in the HEADERS= list. 4.) Run qmake every time you add Q_OBJECT to one of your classes or modify your .pro file. aep Thu Feb 12 16:44:37 2009
qxt svn see qxt hg ahigerd Tue Feb 10 18:25:44 2009
exceptions QMAKE_CXXFLAGS -= -fno-exceptions if you need exception support even on broken distros aep Tue Feb 10 17:39:31 2009
don't throw in a slot, don't throw in an event handler. dont let exceptions bubble through library code. aep Tue Feb 10 17:28:49 2009
RAII Resource Acquisition Is Initialization. Qt does not comply to this C++ concept. However, Qt doesnt throw exceptions either. (see !exceptions) aep Tue Feb 10 17:36:22 2009
thx THX © is the next generation surround sound, developed by a George Lucas company. (mplayer is not certified) (THX is deprecated aep Thu Feb 5 01:55:14 2009
u u is an AOLism, typing 'u' instead of a full 'you' tells us that you are lazy, inarticulate and/or want to look like that. If you don't have the time to write full questions, we won't have the time to write answers aep Thu Feb 5 01:00:18 2009
coverage Qxt coverage information (Linux only): ./configure -coverage; make coverage jpnurmi Sat Jan 31 23:10:56 2009
pyqt-gc Python has a garbage collector that destroys unused objects. To avoid this you need to keep references to your objects, e.g. by adding them to 'self'. See also http://www.riverbank[...]l#garbage-collection luks Mon Jan 26 21:14:19 2009
dance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbTEVbQLC8s zbenjamin Wed Jan 14 10:58:34 2009
kde The KDE toolkit is based on Qt, but is not part of it. It is an independent project. We in #qt will try to help with problems related to the Qt portions of KDE, but you will probably get more help in #kde-devel . Note that Qt-copy by KDE does not equal Qt by Nokia. This channel is about Qt/Nokia. aep Wed Dec 31 16:17:37 2008
nickname Quality Nicknames consist of the following characters: (in that order) <1 mixed case><2-7 lowercase><0-3 free characters except | [] >. Other nicknames are hard to type, autocomplete or simply make you look stupid. aep Wed Dec 31 16:11:12 2008
mysql http://wiki.qtcentre[...]_Windows_using_MinGW aep Tue Dec 30 00:18:50 2008
ahigerd ahigerd is not a Troll. He doesn't work for Nokia. He's just a random hacker who likes to help and who knows how to read the documentation. ahigerd Mon Dec 29 20:40:26 2008
qmake -project qmake -project isn't a project maintenance tool; it should be run once to get you a basic template and then you should edit the .pro file yourself to make subsequent changes. There is no way to control or add anything to the output of qmake -project. ahigerd Tue Dec 23 17:35:07 2008
dependency walker depends.exe lists off dependencies of EXEs and DLLs and can be used to track down problems with missing DLLs. It's available in the Windows Platform SDK and at http://www.dependencywalker.com/ ahigerd Tue Nov 18 17:23:14 2008
works It works it works! Omg omg omg! I mean it compiles. Now what's a segfault ? aep Tue Nov 18 15:22:17 2008
compiles It compiles?! SHIP IT!! aep Tue Nov 18 15:21:57 2008
gitweb http://labs.trolltec[...]gitweb?p=qt-snapshot blight_ Mon Oct 27 01:04:19 2008
main layout When using Designer, you apply the layout to the container. To cause the layout to automatically fill the available space, you must select the window as the container; to do this, you must unselect all widgets before selecting one of the Lay Out options. ahigerd Fri Oct 10 20:59:04 2008
embedded resources http://wiki.qtcentre[...]e=Embedded_resources ahigerd Fri Oct 10 18:54:40 2008
licensing http://trolltech.com[...]/licensing/licensing Chaz6 Mon Oct 6 21:37:33 2008
qextserialport http://qextserialport.sourceforge.net/ - QextSerialPort is a cross-platform serial port class. This class encapsulates a serial port on both POSIX and Windows systems. jpnurmi Sun Oct 5 15:23:02 2008
moc The Meta-Object Compiler (moc) - http://doc.trolltech.com/latest/moc.html jpnurmi Sun Sep 14 22:04:29 2008
center window->setGeomet[...]ect(Qt::LeftToRight, Qt::AlignCenter, window->size(), qApp->desktop()-&[...]ailableGeometry())); jpnurmi Sun Aug 10 18:18:05 2008
pimpl PIMPL is a C++ idiom that allows for implementation to change without affecting interface. It's used by Qt internally but a slightly different implementation can be found at http://docs.libqxt.o[...]/classQxtPimpl.html; PIMPL is also known as the handle-body idiom. More information can be found at http://users.rcn.com[...]oP98.html#HandleBody ahigerd Wed Jul 30 00:30:02 2008
model-view Qt4 introduced a model/view architecture that allows for separation of the model from its view, see http://doc.trolltech[...]iew-programming.html ahigerd Tue Jul 29 00:58:02 2008
it's an event Lots of things, especially things generated by the operating system, things that need to be fast, or things that shouldn't be messed with by other classes, are event functions instead of signals. Reimplement the event handler in a subclass or install an event filter. ahigerd Thu Jun 26 21:56:50 2008
vote_monkey Please help Monkey Studio becoming the best Qt IDE by giving your voice, please click ( http://sourceforge.n[...]cca/?group_id=163493 ) and choose Best Tool or Utility for Developers pasnox Fri Jun 6 10:50:06 2008
signal debug Things to check: runtime warnings on console; return value of QObject::connect(); QSignalSpy; maybe one object has been destroyed; QObject::dumpObjectInfo() ahigerd Tue Jun 3 23:01:27 2008
chanstats http://transamrit.net/stats/qt ahigerd_ Wed May 21 22:05:08 2008
implicitly-shared Qt has many value classes that are implicitly shared and, therefore, have lightweight copy operations. See http://doc.trolltech[...]ml#implicitly-shared for more information. kibab Thu May 1 01:27:35 2008
designer-resize In order for widgets/dialogs created in designer to resize correctly, the form must have an attached layout. You can set the layout by right clicking on an empty area in the form and choosing 'Layout->Lay Out ...' where the ellipses represents the type of layout best suited to your widget. See http://doc.trolltech[...]ml#creating-a-layout kibab Mon Apr 28 20:57:09 2008
tracker http://www.trolltech[...]eloper/task-tracker/ zbenjamin Mon Apr 14 14:01:06 2008
contest Qt Centre Programming Contest 2008: http://contest.qtcentre.org/ jpnurmi Tue Apr 8 18:09:04 2008
char* http://trolltech.com[...]07-01-30.9032238253/ jpnurmi Tue Apr 1 20:59:31 2008
dynamic How to dynamically populate a model; follow the example here showing how to do it: http://icefox.net/programs/?program=FtpModel TZander Mon Mar 31 13:21:40 2008
rsync rsync -avz rsync://rsync.trolltech.com/qt-x11-4.4 qt-x11-4.4 aep Sat Mar 8 14:07:37 2008
flash There won't be a way to use Macromedia's Flash plugin with Qt4.4/Webkit, but hopefully with Qt4.5/Webkit. jpnurmi Mon Mar 3 14:42:33 2008
coding style svn://libqxt.org/svn[...]ras/coding_style.txt aep Sat Mar 1 14:01:49 2008
qdebug qDebug(), qWarning(), etc. have built in support for displaying most Qt value classes and containers. #include <QtDebug> after which you can use 'qDebug() << qt_object_1 << qt_object2 << ...;' to display output. kibab Thu Feb 28 02:03:09 2008
qscintilla http://www.riverbank[...]ng.co.uk/qscintilla/ aep Sun Feb 24 16:01:29 2008
imagebin http://imagebin.ca/ zbenjamin Wed Feb 20 15:06:50 2008
network threads are plain wrong. network is nonblocking by design. see QTcpSocket and QIoDevice::readyRead for more infos aep Mon Feb 18 01:03:49 2008
snapshot docs to generate documentation from the qt snapshots, do the usual ./configure && make && make install then to get docs type make docs && make qmake and make install again aep Sat Feb 16 18:04:21 2008
3 what did you do (e.g. specific lines of code, not more than 10) http://rafb.net/paste (2) what did you expect(ie expected behaviour/output) (3) what was the result instead (ie error message) aep Fri Feb 15 21:59:57 2008
unix-signals http://doc.trolltech[...]ot/unix-signals.html aep Thu Feb 14 22:39:04 2008
qscript http://doc.trolltech[...]latest/qtscript.html aep Thu Feb 14 21:27:17 2008
cmake Search for FindQt4 on http://www.cmake.org/HTML/Documentation.html jpnurmi Mon Feb 11 16:36:32 2008
qt4_visual_studio Yes, you can use Qt4 with Visual Studio compilers (and create open source software): http://www.qtnode.ne[...]4_with_Visual_Studio zbenjamin Mon Feb 4 22:46:13 2008
promote To promote a widget, see the instructions at http://doc.trolltech[...]l#promoting-widgets. kibab Wed Jan 30 23:42:40 2008
qt-copy qt-copy is a qt fork by kde. Neither we nor Trolltech has any influence on it. If you believe you found a bug in Qt, then test it against a version from ftp.trolltech.com before reporting, or bother #kde-devel. aep Sun Jan 27 19:33:47 2008
promoting http://doc.trolltech[...]ml#promoting-widgets aep Fri Jan 25 22:10:12 2008
oplog http://www.qtnode.net/wiki?title=Op_log aep Fri Jan 25 21:54:44 2008
eclipse http://trolltech.com[...]/eclipse-integration aep Sun Jan 20 16:39:56 2008
eclipse-integration http://trolltech.com[...]/eclipse-integration jpnurmi Sun Jan 20 16:39:22 2008
ianal I am not a lawyer. My comments should not be considered legal advice. Consult a real lawyer if you care about doing things right. ahigerd Thu Jan 17 01:28:17 2008
ctor The Constructor of an object is meant to be used to initialise member data structures. Do not attemp to abuse it for anything else. Especialy since there is no eventloop at construction time. signals&slots do not work. Use an init() slot with QTimer::singleShot(). aep Tue Jan 8 02:17:37 2008
qanava graphical display library based on QGraphicsView [http://www.qanava.org/] aep Tue Jan 8 02:03:05 2008
profile If you want to know how fast something is, put it in a loop a thousand times and run it. ahigerd Mon Jan 7 21:53:27 2008
linkedin http://www.linkedin.[...]s/49383/3410D232C65D jpnurmi Mon Jan 7 19:26:48 2008
new class When adding a new Qxt class, you must 1) add new files to module.pro 2) add new header(s) to module.h 3) add corresponding convenience header(s) to deploy/include/ 4) add possible images used in docs to doctemplate/ 5) add possible designer plugin 6) update tests jpnurmi Sun Jan 6 03:14:20 2008
debugview To see debugging information in Windows when creating gui apps, you generally want to use debugview which is available at http://technet.micro[...]ernals/bb896647.aspx kibab Fri Jan 4 19:31:51 2008
debian in debian the qt4 examples have been moved here: /usr/share/doc/qt4-doc/qt4-examples.tar.gz (after apt-get install qt4-doc) aep Thu Dec 20 15:17:25 2007
if on debian, compiling qt yourself is encouraged since debian heavily modifies packages. When both Qt3 and Qt4 are installed on Debian or a Debian-derived distro like Ubuntu, use Alternatives to select which version of qmake to use by default; you can also use the 'qmake-qt3' or 'qmake-qt4' commands to select a version on demand. (http://www.debian-a[...]ion.org/articles/91) aep Wed Aug 22 02:54:29 2007
multi abusing QStackWidget for website like navigation is plain wrong (results of such gui designs can be seen in Gimp and TinyERP ) what you want can be solved with one of those standard solutions: #1 multiple mainwindows (QMainWIndow) #2 subwindows (QMdiArea) #3 floating dockwidgets (QDockWidget) #4 fixed tabs (QTabWidget) aep Mon Dec 17 16:41:43 2007
paintsystem http://doc.trolltech[...]est/paintsystem.html kibab Wed Dec 5 03:30:26 2007
bcfh 3 Bastard Coder From Hell #3 : remove options the user requires for daily work, and call it a more user friendly gui. aep Sat Dec 1 05:08:14 2007
jobs If you're looking for a qt job, or offering one, please visit http://www.qtcentre.org/forum/f-jobs-12.html aep Thu Nov 29 20:04:47 2007
ubuntu see !debian aep Sat Nov 24 04:17:19 2007
integration dont hardcore styles on windows, let the user choose at least aep Thu Nov 22 19:20:36 2007
overriding users settings is even more wrong aep Sat Oct 13 21:36:20 2007
qt is not a window manager. aep Sat Oct 13 21:35:29 2007
Trolltech puts a lot efford in making Qt integrate into the users native desktop. It makes it easy for the users to adopt to your application quickly. If you break that integration you're doing it wrong aep Mon Oct 8 18:57:37 2007
bcfh 2 Bastard Coder From Hell #2 :: Punish your users from day to day, to remind them of your superiority. aep Tue Nov 20 19:37:56 2007
bcfh 1 Bastard Coder From Hell #1 :: Protect your code from the evil eyes of hack0rz. Only for the sake of security of course. aep Tue Nov 20 19:36:49 2007
reimp is a tool to convert Microsoft's new-style (short) import libraries to import libraries for the Win32 ports of GNU tools (MinGW, Cygwin). aep Thu Nov 15 21:43:17 2007
static mingw:http://www.qtc[...]ingwm10dll-7964.html aep Mon Nov 12 02:55:42 2007
zola http://ploum.frimouv[...]cant-have-a-pony.png aep Sun Nov 11 23:40:03 2007
qxtweb Qt for Webpages. part of libqxt aep Sun Nov 11 23:01:43 2007
rules http://qtnode.net/wi[...]t_channel_guidelines aep Mon Nov 5 20:03:45 2007
webkit is part of qt4.4 aep Wed Oct 31 21:14:22 2007
WebKit is an open source web browser engine that began in KDE but was returned to the OpenSource community by Apple as part of its port. WebKit Qt is a project aiming at porting this fabulous engine back to Qt. See http://labs.trolltec[...]ects/Internet/WebKit kibab Tue Apr 10 22:46:28 2007
widgets remove removing gui elements dynmaicly without user input is wrong. see !integration. you maybe wanted an MDI interface or a QTabWidget or QStackWidget. you can remove it anyway by deleting the actual widget. aep Mon Oct 29 21:28:01 2007
devdays2007 http://labs.trolltec[...]/DevDays/DevDays2007 aep Mon Oct 29 14:52:48 2007
alien http://labs.trolltec[...]ns-are-here-to-stay/ aep Mon Oct 29 10:21:22 2007
code omg, yes you need to write sourcecode to make a program. aep Sun Oct 14 17:53:58 2007
svn rev use an @500 (at) aep Sat Oct 13 20:13:31 2007
nogui QT=core or QT-=gui and use QCoreApplication aep Sat Oct 13 00:35:29 2007
abi http://techbase.kde.[...]lity_Issues_With_C++ zbenjamin Fri Oct 12 15:49:05 2007
debugger real programmers don't use debuggers. They fix problems with using a magnetized needle. zbenjamin Thu Oct 4 19:47:26 2007
homework no spoonfeeding. we don't write code for you. we don't read all of your 6zillion lines of code to tell you what's wrong. no. aep Sun Sep 30 20:52:09 2007
wrong You're doing it wrong, but since you insist on doing it your way, no one can actually help you. aep Sun Sep 30 18:37:16 2007
hotel_alternative http://www.hotel-mue[...]german&site=home zbenjamin Thu Sep 27 13:16:46 2007
hotel http://www.hotelmunich-inn.de/lage.html zbenjamin_home Wed Sep 26 19:36:26 2007
cry some more whining? won't help. go fix it. aep Sat Sep 22 00:47:23 2007
qute qute is a C++/Qt eval bot hanging around in #qt and #qxt. say qute << help; for asking for the manual. play around with it in #geordi aep Wed Sep 19 18:42:32 2007
modeltest http://labs.trolltec[...]s/Itemview/Modeltest jpnurmi Tue Sep 18 19:47:41 2007
qcolorwidgets http://qtnode.net/wiki?title=Custom_widgets aep Sun Sep 16 20:30:51 2007
msvc http://qtnode.net/wi[...]4_with_Visual_Studio aep Fri Sep 7 21:24:44 2007
commercial this is rather a qt/gpl related channel. it's surely not forbidden to talk about qt/commercial here, but you might get better answers from the qt customers support (support@trolltech.com) aep Fri Sep 7 21:19:12 2007
layout http://doc.trolltech.com/latest/layout.html aep Thu Aug 30 00:59:40 2007
library dependencies to determinate the librarys a program has been linked to use ldd for linux, otool -L for macos, and http://www.dependencywalker.com/ on windows aep Sat Aug 25 19:31:00 2007
quazip QuaZIP is a simple C++ wrapper over Gilles Vollant's ZIP/UNZIP package that can be used to access ZIP archives. (http://quazip.sourceforge.net/) aep Sat Aug 25 18:14:23 2007
crosscompile http://qtnode.net/wiki?title=Cross_compiling aep Sat Aug 18 23:58:26 2007
scope {QWIdget a; a.show();} /*woops, out of scope*/ app.exec(); aep Sat Aug 18 22:06:54 2007
gcc http://gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/gcc-4.2.1/gcc/ aep Wed Aug 15 04:09:22 2007
qute tuple qute: { QxtTuple<QxtTypeL[...]t,QxtTypeList<int > > > ,true> tuple; tuple.setValue<17>(8); qDebug()<<tuple.value<17>(); } aep Wed Aug 15 02:54:59 2007
qmake4 on archlinux it's /opt/qt4/bin/qmake aep Mon Aug 13 23:14:09 2007
qmake3 can't be used to build qt4 projects. go search your computer for the correct qmake. check qmake -v to see the version. on ubuntu it's qmake-qt4 for example aep Mon Aug 13 23:10:38 2007
signature The signature of a signal must match the signature of the receiving slot. you can use Qxt::bind to circumvent that though. see !qute bind for a qute snippet aep Fri Aug 3 21:53:21 2007
qute bind {QxtMetaObject::connect(this, SIGNAL(init()), QxtMetaObject::bind(this, SLOT(say(QString)), Q_ARG(QString,"hello"))); } aep Fri Aug 3 21:51:15 2007
reserved Section of the C++ standard reserves any name which has two consecutive underscores, which begins with an underscore followed by an uppercase letter or begins with an underscore and is in the global namespace aep Thu Aug 2 15:25:52 2007
plugins http://doc.trolltech[...]t/plugins-howto.html aep Sat Jul 28 21:25:14 2007
Qt4 styles If you're looking for more Qt4 styles, check kde-look.org; if any have been made, they'll probably be here, but there aren't very many yet. ahigerd Thu Jul 26 23:29:12 2007
stylesheet http://doc.trolltech[...]test/stylesheet.html aep Thu Jul 26 13:59:11 2007
rtfs read the fine source aep Wed Jul 25 15:22:22 2007
gdb Use 'start' or 'run' (depending on GDB version) to launch your program. Use 'continue' (or 'cont') if debugging pauses for shared library load. Use 'backtrace' (or 'bt') when the application crashes to get information. ahigerd Tue Jul 24 23:57:34 2007
QxtSignalWaiter http://qtnode.net/wiki?title=QxtSignalWaiter - Synchronously wait for a specified signal ahigerd Mon Jul 23 19:22:04 2007
multiple inheritance QObject cannot be inherited from more than once; that is, you cannot create a class that subclasses more than one QObject-derived parent. Furthermore, when inheriting from QObject and any other class, QObject must be inherited first. ahigerd Fri Jul 13 01:40:20 2007
delete http://qtnode.net/wi[...]delete_my_objects.3F aep Mon Jul 9 22:53:38 2007
depends depends.exe lists off dependencies of EXEs and DLLs and can be used to track down problems with missing DLLs. It's available in the Windows Platform SDK and at http://www.dependencywalker.com/ kibab Wed Jun 27 22:11:41 2007
deploying applications To learn about deploying Qt applications, see http://doc.trolltech[...]test/deployment.html kibab Wed Jun 27 22:06:38 2007
QMainWindow layout When working with a QMainWindow, you should create a blank QWidget, set it as the QMainWindow's centralWidget, apply your desired layout to that widget, and add everything to that layout. ahigerd Tue Jun 26 19:34:03 2007
how to learn qt http://doc.trolltech[...]how-to-learn-qt.html aep Sun Jun 24 20:20:14 2007
designer qt designer is a gui form editor. NOT an integrated developement environment. http://doc.trolltech[...]esigner-manual.html, see also http://qtnode.net/wiki/Qt_Designer, aep Sun Jun 24 20:13:19 2007
qca Qt Cryptographic Architecture (QCA) (http://delta.affinix.com/qca/) aep Fri Jun 15 22:06:53 2007
kdevelop www.kdevelop.org - The KDE Development Environment - just do it blight_ Thu Jun 14 16:14:48 2007
todo Use !f todo to see all of the currently-open todo lists. ahigerd Mon Jun 4 17:43:09 2007
ntdll in case your application crashes somewhere in ntdll on windows make sure have your classes exported with __declspec(dllexport) before trying to waste your time on debugging. aep Mon May 28 16:33:32 2007
property Qt provides a sophisticated property system that is based on the meta-object system. See http://doc.trolltech.com/4.2/properties.html kibab Sat May 26 01:23:30 2007
qxt shirt ahigerd's baby 3-6mos ahigerd Fri May 25 17:31:53 2007
ahigerd's wife M ahigerd Fri May 25 17:31:42 2007
ahigerd L ahigerd Fri May 25 17:31:29 2007
aep L aep Thu May 24 12:45:11 2007
zbenjamin XL aep Thu May 24 12:44:48 2007
jpnurmi L jpnurmi Thu May 24 12:44:05 2007
debug Tips for debugging Qt apps at: http://doc.trolltech.com/latest/debug.html aep Thu May 24 22:13:27 2007
alive no, you didn't see the huge nuclear bomb that killed everyone? aep Wed May 23 00:29:24 2007
RTF http://doc.trolltech[...]latest/richtext.html aep Tue May 22 14:56:40 2007
richtext http://doc.trolltech[...]latest/richtext.html aep Tue May 22 14:56:35 2007
dnd http://doc.trolltech.com/latest/dnd.html, http://doc.trolltech[...]/model-view-dnd.html chakie_work Tue May 22 12:13:46 2007
qxt qblog svn co https://libqxt.svn.s[...]xt/sandbox/aep/qblog qblog aep Mon May 21 22:35:19 2007
forward declaration http://www.parashift[...]ssues.html#faq-39.11 aep Sun May 20 23:34:37 2007
!!11 !!!!!!111111111 aep Sun May 13 15:47:06 2007
tree Most of the functionality associated with Qt3's QListView has been moved to QTreeView (model-based) or QTreeWidget (item-based) in Qt4. If you don't need a hierarchical view, call setIndentation(0); and setRootIsDecorated(false) to hide the branches. ahigerd Fri May 11 20:10:53 2007
sxs Starting with Windows XP and Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft introduced Side-By-Side Assemblies to avoid DLL problems thus introducing another set of complications. For more information on SxS see http://msdn2.microso[...]ibrary/aa375155.aspx and http://blogs.msdn.co[...]06/04/14/576314.aspx kibab Mon Apr 30 21:31:50 2007
qgraphicsview abuse QGraphicsView is a vector-graphics tool. QPainter is a raster-graphics tool. Don't use them for the wrong purposes. aep Fri Apr 27 21:26:48 2007
not designer No. That's not what Designer is for; it's only for laying out widgets. ahigerd Fri Apr 27 21:22:19 2007
wiki #qt's very own wiki: http://qtnode.net/wiki/ bjoernen Mon Apr 23 00:01:09 2007
superclass If you can't find something, always be sure to check the 'List of all members, including inherited members' link in the documentation. The whole point of inheritance in object-oriented programming is to reuse functionality. ahigerd Fri Apr 20 23:54:40 2007
i18n http://doc.trolltech.com/latest/i18n.html chakie_work Wed Apr 18 11:06:23 2007
fail You've failed. http://img.phraktured.net/funny/fail.jpg aep Mon Apr 16 07:52:34 2007
bjoernen Troll bjoernen Mon Apr 9 23:46:46 2007
designerplugingenerator http://www.digitalfa[...]e8johan/qtplugin.php aep Sat Mar 17 21:27:20 2007
qtplugin.php http://www.digitalfa[...]e8johan/qtplugin.php aep Sat Mar 17 21:26:11 2007
connect QObject::connect is used to connect a signal to a slot based on the function signature. Thus, you do not use variables or variable names when calling connect. For more information, see http://doc.trolltech[...]signalsandslots.html kibab Tue Mar 13 20:31:45 2007
linguist http://doc.trolltech[...]linguist-manual.html chakie Mon Mar 12 18:41:24 2007
logs http://transamrit.net/files/logsQt/ ahigerd Thu Mar 8 18:04:41 2007
rtfe read the fine error messages. . . ALL OF THEM! aep Sun Mar 4 03:38:08 2007
murphy Because that's what Murphy's Law says. ahigerd Fri Mar 2 16:07:31 2007
super ProTip: If you can't find something, always look at List of all members, including inherited members ahigerd Wed Feb 21 21:28:28 2007
focus If you want to be informed when a widget receives/loses the focus, subclass the widget and override focusInEvent and focusOutEvent. ahigerd Tue Feb 13 23:59:52 2007
templates with qt http://doc.trolltech[...]onnectingtotemplates nuge Mon Feb 5 22:11:28 2007
crystal Our crystal balls are out of order today. Please describe your problem a bit more detailed, so we can get a clue what might be the problem. aep Sun Feb 4 02:19:15 2007
qxtrpcpeer http://qtnode.net/wiki/QxtRPCPeer - An architecture for forwarding Qt signals via a network connection ahigerd Sat Jan 27 02:23:23 2007
qork qork: verb: To program in Qt while barely knowing C++. aep Mon Jan 22 02:31:29 2007
noob Learn C++ first - http://www.cplusplus.com/ blight_ Sun Jan 7 05:49:41 2007
firstapp A simple beginner's first app demonstrating Qt usage: http://qtnode.net/wiki/My_First_Qt_App ahigerd Mon Dec 4 21:16:37 2006
qwt Qt Widgets for Technical Applications http://qwt.sourceforge.net/ chakie_work Fri Dec 1 15:42:19 2006
small business program http://www.trolltech[...]ensing/smallbusiness nuge Fri Nov 17 11:59:37 2006
docs3 Qt 3.3 documentation: http://doc.trolltech.com/3.3/ nuge Fri Nov 17 11:51:54 2006
codeblocks Code::Blocks is a free cross-platform C++ IDE built with wxWidgets (but can be used to build Qt projects): http://codeblocks.org nuge Thu Nov 2 01:15:58 2006
enable console To enable console output in your Qt app, put CONFIG += console in your .pro file. Then re-run qmake and re-make your application. nuge Sat Oct 28 03:06:43 2006
totally_gridbag http://madbean.com/anim/totallygridbag nuge Tue Oct 24 04:35:41 2006
qsignalwaiter http://qtnode.net/wiki/QSignalWaiter nuge Mon Oct 16 22:36:03 2006
gpl http://qtnode.net/wi[...]neral_Public_License nuge Mon Sep 25 19:17:29 2006
event filter You can create a custom object to receive all the events received by another QObject: http://doc.trolltech[...]l#installEventFilter nuge Sun Sep 10 01:54:58 2006
curl libcurl is a free and easy-to-use client-side URL transfer library, supporting FTP, FTPS, TFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, TELNET, DICT, FILE and LDAP. http://curl.haxx.se/libcurl/ nuge Thu Sep 7 20:45:04 2006
msys A Minimal SYStem to provide POSIX/Bourne configure scripts the ability to execute and create a Makefile used by make. http://mingw.org nuge Wed Sep 6 20:54:50 2006
mingw A collection of freely available and freely distributable Windows specific header files and import libraries combined with GNU toolsets that allow one to produce native Windows programs that do not rely on any 3rd-party C runtime DLLs. http://mingw.org nuge Wed Sep 6 20:54:03 2006
ekewaka http://qtnode.net/wiki/User:Ekewaka ekewaka Fri Jun 23 12:31:41 2006
appicon http://doc.trolltech.com/latest/appicon.html nuge Mon Jun 19 22:20:55 2006
consolehelloworld http://qtnode.net/wi[...]_World_%28Console%29 ahigerd Thu Jun 1 01:43:41 2006
customwidgets http://qtnode.net/wiki/Custom_widgets ekewaka_ Sat May 13 19:18:16 2006
porting http://doc.trolltech[...]latest/porting4.html nuge Sat May 13 11:24:23 2006
qt3to4 http://doc.trolltech.com/latest/qt3to4.html nuge Sat May 13 11:24:09 2006
regulars http://qtnode.net/wiki/Qt_channel_regulars ekewaka Sat May 13 08:17:18 2006
teamjet http://qtnode.net/pastebin/273 nuge Fri May 12 20:41:50 2006
signalsandslots http://doc.trolltech[...]signalsandslots.html nuge Tue Apr 18 19:06:23 2006
coords http://doc.trolltech.com/4.1/coordsys.html nuge Sun Apr 9 09:13:48 2006
pricing http://www.trolltech[...]ucts/qt/pricing.html nuge Tue Apr 4 20:33:10 2006
parenting http://qtnode.net/wiki/Widget_parenting nuge Sat Apr 1 04:22:36 2006
palette http://qtnode.net/wiki/Palettes nuge Wed Mar 29 23:16:23 2006
rtfm Read The Fine Manual. Use !rtfm followed by a class name and an optional version number, I'll point to you to the correct manual. nuge Wed Mar 22 10:18:46 2006
qt_sites http://www.qtnode.net/wiki/Qt_sites nuge Mon Feb 27 11:22:52 2006
qt_autotools http://www.qtnode.net/wiki/Qt_with_autotools nuge Thu Feb 23 21:50:19 2006
blanchette Co-author of the book C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3. You can download the book in PDF form from http://www.phptr.com[...]blanchette_book.pdf. blockd Thu Feb 16 03:25:51 2006
designer_manual http://doc.trolltech[...]designer-manual.html nuge Mon Feb 13 03:31:58 2006
enable_debug http://www.qtnode.net/wiki/Enable_debug nuge Mon Feb 13 00:01:46 2006
no_keywords A qmake CONFIG directive to not use the signals/slots keywords. This allows you to write standard C++ and better co-mingle with other C++ libraries. In your .pro use 'CONFIG += no_keywords'. Then in your code use 'Q_SIGNALS:', 'public Q_SLOTS:', etc... You'll also lose the use of the 'foreach' Qt keyword. nuge Sat Feb 11 05:08:03 2006
helloworld3 A simple Hello World program for Qt3: http://www.qtnode.net/wiki/Hello_World_(Qt3) nuge Sat Feb 11 05:04:28 2006
helloworld A simple Hello World program for Qt4: http://www.qtnode.net/wiki/Hello_World nuge Sat Feb 11 05:02:00 2006
Genia4.TODO patView for mojavi genia4 Sat Feb 11 01:31:11 2006
Paint Qt widgets with GL genia4 Sat Feb 11 01:31:01 2006
Collection management genia4 Sat Feb 11 01:30:54 2006
Web widgets genia4 Sat Feb 11 01:30:49 2006
JS library genia4 Sat Feb 11 01:30:31 2006
qtdancer http://www.qtnode.net/wiki/Qtdancer nuge Sat Feb 11 01:27:40 2006
qtvalidlicenseforguimodule http://www.qtnode.ne[...]seForGuiModule_error nuge Fri Feb 10 01:37:10 2006
common problems http://www.qtnode.net/wiki/Common_problems nuge Fri Feb 10 01:36:00 2006
msys backslash http://www.qtnode.ne[...]S_backslash_problems nuge Fri Feb 10 01:05:41 2006
qtcentre Qt community site: http://qtcentre.org nuge Thu Feb 9 09:24:17 2006
qtforum Qt Forum: http://www.qtforum.org/ chakie_work Thu Feb 9 09:23:24 2006